Why Characters are Revolutionizing the Social Media Industry

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Marshmello, Lil Miquela, Lucas The Spider – most of us at this point have probably heard of these names. These are just a few examples of characters that have cultivated a strong online presence and as a result, built a legitimate business.

Marshmello, arguably the biggest DJ in the world in terms of fame, followers & fortune, is the epitome of a successful character. From headlining Fornite’s first virtual concert to hosting his own cooking show on YouTube, Marshmello’s versatility shows how powerful the concept of a character can be. Anyone can be under that notable mask, allowing for true scale and creativity.

Lucas the Spider, who appears like he would be a star in Pixar’s next biggest hit movie, was created by a single animator who now generates significant income from Google AdSense and a healthy merch business. The possibilities for licensing, product lines, and brand endorsements are endless. As they expand their universe with additional characters, you’re quickly looking at a huge franchise, all owned independently and created on the back of social media.

Creating a virtual influencer or digital character will soon become the norm on new media platforms.

Aside from the apparent benefits, such as increased brand exposure and controlled brand messaging, there are a bevvy of advantages to creating your own character.

At Spark CGI, we create a wide variety of characters. From life-like, highly-detailed human models to fantasy creatures and comic book superheroes. We have the talent and technology to bring your ideas to life.

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