Virtual Influencers Will Not Replace Humans

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Daisy Paige, Virtual Fashion Model


As virtual influencers begin to make their mark in the entertainment space, warranted concerns have been raised, including the fear they will replace human talent. Will modeling and acting be infiltrated by these digital creations?   Virtual influencers will not replace humans. And, believe it or not, they’ve been around for a long time, under the radar, not receiving as much attention until now. The truth is that characters have been around for decades, building their presence on traditional platforms such as TV, film, and radio, and more recently on newer platforms such as video games. Virtual influencers and modern day digital characters do not differ from traditional characters, they are simply growing their audience and building their identity on new media platforms. As with any big change, we inevitably grow worrisome and wonder how this will impact us.

Humans won’t be replaced, but rather join virtual influencers and other types of characters in a space that continues to evolve and grow to include more options. Bella Hadid and Lil Miquela just recently proved this in their Calvin Klein ad, bridging the gap and connecting both worlds.   We believe this concept is true and just last week announced our own virtual model, Daisy, that signed with a major agency. We do not view her as a threat to traditional models, but rather an opportunity for brands to diversify and expand their current branding strategy. Daisy won’t replace a human model, but rather work in tandem to collab with other models and ultimately use her platform to give back.