Virtual Influencers & Digital Characters in the News

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Are AI-Powered Personas Going To Be The Future Of Influencer Marketing?

Brands are beginning to branch out, working with both traditional AND virtual influencers, and are realizing the benefits of doing so.

9 Virtual Influencers Taking Over the Internet

Virtual influencers are becoming a staple in people’s social media feeds. According to a digital agency,, these are the 9 most popular virtual influencers on Instagram right now.

Why Are Brands Using CGI Influencers to Promote Skin Care and Fashion?

“Fake” influencers are being created with CGI and AI technology which brands can use as a gimmick that not only draws people in, but it also helps them retain control of their image. 

Branding Fake Justice for Generation Z

Meet Brud, the secretive tech startup here to outfit corporations with fashionable social causes—through elaborate CGI fiction.

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