The Importance of a Storyline

Editorial TeamNews

A storyline helps people follow alongside a journey. Witnessing all parts of the evolution and growth process. Being there when things are high and low. Triumphant moments and downfalls.

Give people something to bite on and track the progress of. They will feel as if they know someone and who they truly are, simply by witnessing their experiences.

We decided Cade’s followers needed more than just a positivity mantra to follow along. We wanted to give them a side of Cade that was vulnerable, raw, and full of teenage emotion and experience. We wanted people to connect deeper with him and put more trust in his posts. We learned that the audience’s emotions play a huge role in this storyline puzzle.

When Cade’s design became full CGI, we thought it would be interesting to start fresh in a new “world” – Cade’s new world. We began focusing on his storyline, incorporating his (not always pleasant) emotions and thoughts, family members, fears, friends and crushes. All of these things played into Cade’s development and his followers truly followed every new experience through imagery.

Posts showcased different character perspectives and interactions between them in his world to make it cohesive.

Post by post, the story unfolded through imagery on his feed. New followers can read through the story and catch up immediately. They can feel like a real “follower” simply by learning who Cade is and what he’s experiencing.

Today, Cade is sitting at 99k followers and has retained them since the introduction of his storyline and “teenage drama” – using social networks to tell stories like Soap Operas and books used to! This is a revolution form of entertainment and Cade’s fans are here for it. AKA Modern day comic book.