Introducing Spark CGI—Powering the Next Wave of Virtual Influencers

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The future of characters and IP is on the horizon.

Animated characters, virtual influencers and other forms of IP have begun to pop up on Instagram, YouTube and other new media platforms at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of characters finding their big break on traditional media (TV & Film). Now we’re in an era where characters launch first on social media and eventually transcend into the traditional world.

We would like to introduce you to Spark CGI,
a full-service creative agency that creates, manages and grows digital characters and virtual influencers on social media.

Each week, we’ll be your go-to source for quick, informational reads on all things related to virtual influencers.

We look forward to bringing you the latest on this emerging form of technology, starting with how we built our most popular virtual influencer, Cade.