How to Build Trust Within Your Virtual Influencer’s Community

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If you haven’t built trust with your audience, you’re stunting your potential for growth.

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, from relationships with friends, family, or even with a brand. But brands can’t earn loyalty by simply marketing to a customer or constantly urging them to buy into their product. They must build trust over time.

Seems easy enough, right?

Trust, however, tends to be one of the main components lacking in business-consumer relationships.

Trust is not something that can be bought or encouraged. It’s something that must be developed over time and through honest business practices. This holds true even when building a relationship between a consumer and a virtual influencer.

Through Cade, one of our most popular virtual influencers, we’ve learned how to quickly build trust with an audience through quality, relatable content. This is how we did it.

Be A Source of Inspiration

When we created Cade, we had a specific goal to achieve. We wanted Cade to help kids and teens overcome struggles they often encounter on social media from insecurities, societal pressure, body image issues, and anxiety teens face with school. He was designed to inspire positive thinking, through both his posts and messages he put out on social media.

As Cade grew his presence, he also grew his credibility as a reliable resource for kids worldwide to turn to when they needed positive encouragement. He inevitably became a digital friend to turn to when facing life’s difficulties.

Respond to Comments and Messages

Growing Cade’s credibility and trust was a strategic effort. It involved his community management team spending hours crafting thoughtful responses back to thousands of DMs, most from children simply wanting a friend to talk to. Additionally, Cade’s team also created tactics to engage followers, such as a “Be Kind, Be Positive” survey for his followers to fill out in exchange for the chance to win a prize. When winners were selected, his team hand-wrote special messages from Cade and mailed these cards out to the winners.

Through thoughtful communication, effort, and small acts of kindness, Cade built long-lasting loyalty and trust with his followers. Cade began to be perceived as what his team had intended him to be: A positive role model for youth. Because his followers believed in his messages, they continued to follow his everyday life and interact with him.

Produce Consistent, Relatable Content

Today, Cade’s trust he’s built with his followers is transparent in both his comments and DMs he receives. He regularly receives correspondence from his fans thanking him for being a positive voice on their Instagram. He also continues to grow his following, as more kids and teens become familiar with his voice and branding. He posts regularly, to ensure his followers feel connected to his journey.

Cade has not only embodied positivity, he’s become a beacon of hope, perpetuating a ripple effect of encouragement and kindness.He’s also set the precedent for how to successfully engage your followers, and keep them coming back for more.

We’ve told you how we grew trust with Cade’s followers, now we’d love to hear from you! What tactics have you used to engage followers and build loyalty?

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