We are Spark CGi

We are a global team with deep expertise in CGI, animation, influencer marketing and social growth. Utilizing these unique and diverse skills, we're able to create and develop the perfect virtual influencer for your brand

We operate on a full-service approach to not only create your virtual influencer, but to develop and grow them on social media channels to make sure they thrive

As experts in social media, account development and influencer marketing, we take your virtual influencer and grow them at an expedited rate. In our hands, your character will soon be influencing and steering a whole new generation of potential customers toward your brand offering

This approach doesn’t just apply to new characters either. Many existing brand characters and mascots have lost relevance amongst millennials and Gen-Z. A majority appear dated and are not adapting to today’s digital landscape. We’re here to change that perception

We can breathe new life into your existing character or mascot, reworking it for the digital generation and increasing its relevance to reach a younger and more loyal audience. In short, we make your brand more relevant, more visible and infinitely more engaging

Our steps to success...

1We can either create a custom character or adapt your existing one. Alternatively, if you want to get your campaign up and running at a quicker pace, we have many off-the-shelf characters that are ready to go and enter into the market

2You choose the social media platform where you want your character placed. We then work closely with you to create a content strategy and storyline that is relevant and best suited for your brand or product

3Time for growth! There’s little use having a brilliant character if nobody sees it. We have access to a vast army of established influencers, spanning a wide variety of demographics, that will promote and collaborate with your character to fuel growth, engagement, and brand affinity