6 Reasons Why Every Brand Should Create a Virtual Influencer

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Traditional influencers have catapulted to digital stardome, quickly becoming a go-to source for what’s new and persuading consumers to make purchases.It’s a phenomenon that’s sweeping the entire world, encouraging us to spend more time glued to our phones than ever before. In an era where influencers are new-age celebrities, big brands are finding ways to stand out in the crowd. One of those ways is by creating virtual influencers, carefully crafted CGI characters who mimic a person or thing.

Creating a virtual influencer is no longer an emerging trend. It’s something brands are already working towards establishing. To stay ahead of the curve, we recommend you get onboard too.

Aside from the apparent benefits, such as increased brand exposure and controlled brand messaging, there are a bevvy of advantages to creating your own digital influencer. Some of those benefits include:


Virtual influencers are not restricted to one location. They can be anywhere at any time. You don’t need them to travel to lavish locations. They can be in Africa one day and Antarctica the next. The content possibilities are truly limitless and infinitely scalable, at a much more reasonable price than you’d pay a traditional influencer.


Already have a brand mascot? Need to come up with a brand new digital character? Virtual influencers can be created to be exactly what your brand wants and needs.They can be any age, race, or gender. You are in control of exactly who or what you create, and therefore can tailor the exact messages they deliver. You are also assured timely messages are being delivered exactly when you need them to be.


Scrolling through your Instagram account, you’ve become accustomed to viewing your favorite meme accounts, friends’ photos, and influencers promoting products. When a virtual influencer pops up on your feed, this warrants a second look. It’s unique and stands out. We’ve seen this success with Cade Harper, an influencer we created who has already amassed 100K followers in a little over three months. Cade regularly receives comments and direct messages, just as people do, despite being a digital creation.His followers take time to interact with him, just as the would with any other account.


When hiring a celebrity to endorse your brand, you can control your messaging but you can’t control their life. One minute they can be the woman every girl emulates, the next they can hit rock bottom. When your brand becomes synonymous with those who represent it, you too can fall just as quickly if you partner with the wrong people.

Virtual influencers eliminate this risk. You have full control over what your character says, wears, and does. You’ll never have to worry about being tied to their fall from grace or bad PR.


A maturity date doesn’t exist when you’re a virtual influencer. When you’re a digital character, you never age, change your job, or unexpectedly chop off your hair one day. This has proven effective for characters such as Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh, who consistently resonate with young consumers, leading to long-term relevance. Virtual influencers have the same ability to become a mainstay on social platforms.


A virtual influencer is an asset you own. You have the ability to use this intellectual property however and whenever you’d like. From appearing in different forms of media or to becoming an action figure, there is no shortage of how you can use your creation. And better yet, your virtual influencer cannot be replicated or used by anyone else. They’ll forever be connected to your brand and only your brand.

The aforementioned points are only the starting point. There are numerous other benefits when creating a character or a virtual influencer that you can control, all without a human involved. The fact is virtual influencers are on the rise, and soon will become something that is not just nice to have, but rather something all brands must have to remain relevant.

Does your brand have a virtual influencer? What benefits have you realized? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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