We are Spark CGI

A full-service creative studio that creates, manages and grows digital characters and virtual influencers on social media

The Benefits of Our Virtual Influencers


Virtual Influencers can be anywhere at anytime. They can wear anything or do anything. The content possibilities are truly limitless and infinitely scalable

Custom Made

We design a Virtual Influencer specific for your brand. Rather than working with an influencer who may not perfectly fit your needs or criteria, we can create one that does

GenZ and Millennials

We place your virtual influencer directly into other influencers' content to target GenZ and Millennials in a way that is new and innovative. Think of it as a modern day product placement

Maintain Control

We work together to dictate the influencer’s persona and image, ultimately eliminating any chances of embarrassment for your brand

Our Process


We aim to understand your brand attributes and core KPI’s to develop a positive marketing strategy


Design and create innovative characters to compliment your brand, product or market offering


Create engaging content and develop your character’s social accounts to maximize exposure


Facilitate collaborations with top social influencers to expedite growth and increase audience reach